The true cost of FOG waste

The ugly truth is that in many cities Victorian sewer works are fit to bust, dealing with more than double the capacity of waste they were designed for.

Added pressure derives from establishments which handle food. Food debris, fat, oil and grease (we like to call it ‘FOG’) waste ends up going down sinks, blocking drains and working its way into the sewers. Here, the fat cools and congeals before attaching itself to other waste. This means water can’t flow which leaves it with only one place to go; back up through your sink!

When water companies identify the blockage, the offending business foots the bill for clearing it. This could lead to prosecution and even closures… a high price to pay for flushing fish finger leftovers.

But not all is lost! Basic measures can be put in place to save your quaint eatery thousands and keep drain blockages – and expensive plumber callouts – at bay.


We call this being FOG smart, and here’s a few ways to make the grade:



  • Have you thought of a Food Solids Strainer ? It fits under your sink to catch stray food debris. Ingenius!
  • How about a dosing system? CBio has developed a fluid that is automatically dosed into drains to break down fat and oil to avoid blockages.
  • If you have a number of sinks, you could even benefit from a grease reduction/recovery unit (GRU) . This impressive bit of kit separates grease and fat from water, meaning that only clear water hits the drains. It comes in with a built-in food strainer and could well be the answer to your waterway woes!

Invest a few hundred pounds to save yourself thousands. This leaves you to do what you do best – run your business – and not to worry about drains. Hurrah!

Top tips for keeping drain dramas at bay:

  1. Ensure all discarded oil is sent away for recycling via a licensed waste removal company.
  2. Pour waste fat into a container and seal. Once cooled, discard with regular waste.
  3. Invest in a grease management system. CBio offers solutions for all budgets.
  4. Scrape plates before washing: Pot washing machines lead to drains too, remember!