Stop & think – don’t put grease down the sink!

The most effective way to prevent FOG blockages is by installing a good grease management system, combined with good kitchen hygiene practices.

We have heard stories of left over soup being flushed down the toilet and hot fat being poured down wash sinks and external drains.

With practices like these rife across the UK we believe we, as a solutions provider, have to educate catering professionals on the basics of good grease management practices. Everyone in every kitchen can follow these simple steps:

  • Wiping pans with paper towels prior to washing, these can then be thrown in the bin.
  • Scrape plates before washing – pot washing sinks and dishwashers lead to drains too.
  • Fat should be transferred into containers, once cooled, before being thrown away with normal waste.
  • Oil should be sent away for recycling.
  • If you have a biological dosing system installed don’t use harsh, chemical, bleach based products, these will kill the natural bacteria.

Definitely do not:

  • Put cooking oil, fat or grease down the sink.
  • Pour waste, oil, fat or grease down the drain.
  • Put food scrapings into the sink.
  • Sweep waste into floor drains.
  • Pour boiling hot water down the sink to try to dissolve fat and grease. It does not work!