Happy campers: Holiday park benefit from CBio’s GreaseBeta system

For David Jelfs, life at Mullion Holiday Park largely consisted of unclogging kitchen drains that oozed fatty deposits. Not quite the jolly picture conjured up when one thinks of a holiday park.


David explains:  “There was very little that we could do about the cause of the  problem. The build up of such deposits is nobody’s fault  they are simply a by-product of the cooking processes found in kitchens  the world over, caused by the discharge from ovens, fryers, and other  cooking appliances.”

Furthermore, David realised that it’s virtually impossible to know what’s going on in your drains until it’s too late and they’re blocked and backing up. CBio’s GreaseBeta system is designed to combat the build-up of fat, oil  and grease (FOG) from food preparation and dishwashing, offering  professional caterers a completely homogeneous, fully biodegradable  answer to the costly problem of blocked drains.

The GreaseBeta system has numerous advantages over other similar  products on the market, namely:

  • It’s battery operated – no expensive mains supply
  • Our bio fluid is manufactured by our own microbiologists, so we can alter the fluid to suit your individual needs
  • No water connection is  required; it requires no daily maintenance – just ‘fit it and forget  it’
  • CBio will send one of its dedicated engineers to  service the unit once a quarter;