CBio’s Greasebeta solution is the top of the class at Eton!

Eton College has a private sewage treatment plant which discharges treated waste water into the river. Explains Building Services Engineer John Mahoney, “You have to meet certain criteria to discharge into the Thames.  Prior to the implementation of Greasebeta there was too much grease getting through and we were in danger of not meeting the criteria.”

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The Greasebeta liquid fat digester is dispensed via a wall mounted unit; automatic daily dosing eliminates human error and ensures the optimum level of lipase producing bacteria are maintained in the drain line. The system avoids frequent emptying of fat traps, disruptions from blocked drains, reduced goodwill due to offensive smells, emergency rodding and damage from flooding resulting from blockages. Benefits include free running drains; controlled costs; and the satisfaction of using an environmentally friendly response to a pollution problem.

“There were costs involved in carrying out more frequent maintenance on the pumps, as well as annoying breakdowns when the system would suddenly stop working – with all the attendant disruption,” says Mahoney.  “Since we’ve been using the Greasebeta system, however, I haven’t seen any grease – it really works very well.  CBio come along and service the units regularly, and we don’t have to worry any more.”