CBio’s greasebeta GRU is a success with Yorkshire Water


CBio’s greasebeta range of products are the perfect solution when it comes to grease management problems. But don’t just take our word for it, Yorkshire Water were more than pleased with our products and services.

A representative of Yorkshire Water, said: “Yorkshire Water have successfully trialled CBio’s  GreaseBeta GRU in a number of client premises, where we were conscious of excess Fat, Oil and Grease (FOG) waste being deposited into the drainage network.

We would generally recommend the installation of GRUs for food service establishments and they would be placed downstream of potwash sinks, rotisserie ovens, dishwashers and combi ovens. The dual function of the GRU results in dramatically less fat, oil, grease and food waste entering the sewer. This reduces blockages for both Yorkshire Water and the client’s private drainage network.

CBio’s GRUs are regularly maintained by their engineers; giving clients peace of mind over the long-term efficiency of the product. On a daily basis GRUs are easy to clean and maintain, and CBio can provide full training to staff.

The cost of installing grease management equipment can be a concern to some FSE’s. However, as GRUs prevent costly reactive maintenance and emergency call out fees we recommend their installation as a sound long-term investment.

A further benefit of the GRU is the ability to use the waste oil as a source of energy for bio-diesels and other ‘green’ fuels. These environmental credentials are important to both Yorkshire Water and our clients, and is something we believe will become increasingly more important.”

For more information on how to reduce your own fat, oil and grease waste , with the help of a GRU and save money.