CBio approved by Severn Trent Water to supply grease management equipment

CBio have received approval from Severn Trent Water to supply grease management equipment. This is good news, not only for the company, but for establishments in Birmingham and Burton upon Trent as well.

CBio’s range of grease management equipment is popular with many of the UK’s biggest food and retail giants. Many McDonalds, House of Fraser, Waitrose, Sainsbury and Fuller all have a reliable CBio grease fighting component in their kitchens.

This latest news has handed CBio an extra quiver to their grease-fighting bow as they take the next step towards becoming the go-to-guys for grease.

The approval from Severn Trent Water means CBio can now install their grease management equipment in establishments in Ladypool, King’s Heath and Selly Oak in Birmingham. Grease management equipment may also begin to appear in most of the areas in Burton upon Trent.

While this is good news for everyone at CBio, some of the restaurant, pub, café, supermarket & takeaway owners in the area may be unaware that grease management is a critical component to a successful business!

All business owners should know the law: it is a requirement of Building Regulations that all commercial hot food preparation kitchens should be equipped with a grease management system.

There are also a number of legal requirements in place to help prevent fat, oil and grease from entering the drains and sewers. Failure to adhere to these can lead to warnings, heavy fines and even the closure of your business.

So you’ve heard the law, you know who we are and who we’ve been approved by, but you’re still not sure why you need us – you need us, because we can fix and prevent problems like these:

  • Sewer Blockages
  • Fatbergs
  • Grease making a run for it in your kitchen (& its horrendous smell!)
  • Loss of earnings because you part caused a sewer incident
  • Sewer eruptions & flooding

If you’ve been jolted into action and want to find out more about our greasebeta range, all the information you need is just a click away

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