Biological Drain Dosing

Biological Drain Dosing of your fat traps prevents problems with grease and odours

Biological drain dosing of fat traps and grease interceptors will not only prevent unpleasant problems of blockages, floods and odours, but will also ensure that your establishment complies with the existing Building Regulations (pt H).

The condition of many of Britains sewers is no secret, and the prime culprit is fat, oil and grease (FOG) illegally sent to drain by unscrupulous operators who take no proactive steps to prevent this pollution.

CBIO’s GreaseBeta dosign system is a vital addition in the fight against fat pollution.  It has been carefully designed by microbiologists to break down the FOG that goes down the drain from washing up and pot wash sinks.  The units are installed and serviced nationwide by our in-house team of service engineers.